Our certified organic shea butter is produced by several hundred Ghanaian women in a community project that has the capacity of producing over 1000 tonnes of Shea Butter of the highest quality. This community project provides a number of jobs for the women who collectively harvest the shea nuts themselves.

After the shea fruits are collected, they are steamed to cause the shea kernel inside to shrink away from the shell. Once the shells are cracked and the kernels are extracted, the shea kernels are placed in the sun to dry for an extensive period of time. The dried shea kernels are graded before being stored in a warehouse. They are washed with water to remove any dust or dirt, then dried thoroughly. The shea kernels are crushed in a large wooden mortar. The next step is to gently grill the shea kernel to remove any excess water.
The shea kernels are gently roasted then crushed into powder. This is done with a grinding stone. The next step is to grind the roasted and crushed shea kernels into powder. This is done with a grinding stone.
The shea kernel powder is placed in basin and mixed with water then mixed by hand until the colour changes. The process is called kneading and takes many hours,
When white spots appear after the mixing process, warm water is added this causes the shea fats to rise to the surface and separate from the non-oil portion of the shea kernel mixture.
The shea fats are collected and gently heated to remove any remaining moisture. The oil is filtered into basins to cool. To reach this stage the process has taken 14 hours.
After the shea oil has cooled down it is stirred very carefully to start the crystallization process that will form the Shea Butter. This is a critical part of the process and requires a great deal of expertise.
The final stage is to pour the semi crystallized shea butter into containers where is continues to crystallize.